Clean Up Tools

Any project worth its salt is going to leave clean up. And not truly good job is complete until the clean up is finished. Early in my marriage, this one would get me in trouble. I remember making a new custom coffee room table for our living room. I had been working on it for weeks and it was finally done. And it looked incredible. The problem is I hadn’t cleaned up. My wife got home, and my two sons eager to see their father ran into the house and tracked saw dust from the garage all over the entry way and on the living room carpet.

Easy to imagine that i quickly went from hero to villain. My wife loved the table, but the celebration was ruined because the mess hadn’t been cleaned up in order to appreciate the quality of work that I had done. I asked my friend of mine who runs a cleaning company what his team of professional cleaners use the most when they clean a home or office. His response, what the right tools, and the right people with the right attitude.

He response made me realize that I had all the tools I needed to clean up after my completed project, but I didn’t have the right attitude. Since then when ever I have started a new project at the house, I make sure I have the proper attitude that will carry me all the way through the clean up portion.

If I clean up, then my wife and I both get to enjoy the fruits of my project without the frustration of a new mess.