Tool Box

Once you get your basic tools you need a place to keep them. I personally recommend a tool box. If you have a tool box you are less likely to lose tools. But equally important, if you are working on a project you just grab the tool box, take it to the project location and get to work. Before I got a tool bot, I’d go get the tool I thought I needed only to walk up stairs to fix the door and realize I grabbed the wrong size Allen wrench.

I head back do to the garage, grab another Allen wrench go back up stairs ready to fix the door. Only this time I realize I needed a Philips head screw river that is down stairs, you guessed it in the garage. All of this can be avoided when you toss everything is a tool box and just grab the whole tool box. Find out you need another tool and it is already sitting there. No need to walking down the stairs, back into the garage and then wondering what you needed.

Here are my recommendations of the best tool boxes out there.

Cat Tool Box

I love this box because it is portable, light weight, and well organized.

Tool Bucket

Tool buckets are great, because you can see everything, easy to carry handle, and provides portable organization for your key tools.